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The Beauty Shop: Protecting Your Edges From Breakage During Training

Me! With heat-free straight hair!How I protect the edges of my hairline from breakage during training, and what you can use to keep your hairline healthy!

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How I Came to Terms With Running

I live a very active lifestyle. Even if I'm not spending my day at the gym or at a fitness class, I am doing something that gets me up and out the door. As much as I'd love to do some of my workouts in comfort of my own home, city living means squeezing all of my possessions in to a shoe-boxed size studio that leaves little room for walking, much less exercising. This lends itself to the next obvious choice of fitness: running.

I used to find myself actually cringing at the thought of going for a run. For some reason, running or jogging was like a form of inexplicable, but necessary, torture - one that I couldn't truly resent because of all the good I knew it did for me, but one I believed I could never love either. So I trod forward, trying to find ways to love (or even like) running. After some trial and error, I discovered a few fun things that encouraged me to strap on my running shoes and go. With these tricks and motivational methods, I even look forward to the occasional run now.

1. Look fabulous

If I go out and get the cutest running shorts and shoes I can find, then half the battle of getting out the door is already won. I want to show off my stylish running garb, and that alone can be motivation enough to at least get started. And no, unfortunately getting dressed and walking around the house does not count as a run.

2. Pick a beautiful running route

There is nothing like a quiet sunrise beach run or a breezy jog on a path in the woods. If you can, find a place away from your regular walking routes so that your run offers new and interesting views.

3. Make an awesome playlist that motivates you

Nothing gets me more pumped than running to an awesome beat. I like to imagine myself in a movie at the climax - where I'm running toward an attractive guy and he's running toward me and if we stop we will miss our one shot at true love. Your run doesn't have to be quite that dramatic, but it is always nice to have good music to block out the world while you work it.

4. Take your dog along

Why not get two things accomplished in one go? Grab the leash and your furry friend and take a run to your favorite spot. This saves you another dog walk, and you get to have some company while you work out.

5. Run with a friend

If you don't have a dog, or your dog dislikes running more than you do, try running with another person. If you do this, go with someone who has similar running skills so that you are pretty evenly matched. Sometimes I prefer running alone so that I don't have to worry about keeping up with someone who is faster, or waiting around for someone who is slower. When you feel like going your own pace, go it alone, otherwise try pairing with a motivated friend.

6. Pretend that you are Katniss Everdeen

If you want to get really creative, pretend like you are Katniss Everdeen running for your life from a Hunger Games contestant who wants to eliminate the competition (which, in this case, is you). This is life and death, so move it!

7. Think of the nice, cold, guilt-free drink you can have later

Look at it this way: running is great cardio and the more you do it, the less guilty you have to feel about having what you want to eat or drink later.

8. Have a destination

If I have errands close by to do, I like to run to my destination. I don't really mind showing up at the supermarket a little bit sweaty, so if you live close enough to stores you frequent, then consider running on the way and walking on the way back (assuming you will have some bags to carry).

9. Walk and run

Accept the fact that running can be difficult, and embrace the (completely understandable) inevitability that you may need to stop and walk at times. I like to run steadily for a certain around of time, and then power walk in intervals so that I don't get super burnt out on the whole situation. Pretend like you are stretching or changing the song - nobody will know the difference, I promise.

10. Keep trying!

One of the biggest reasons people hate running is because they don't know exactly how to do it best. Avoid running mistakes that can contribute to your aversion to running.

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Vegan peach baked oatmeal

[Heads up: this post is sponsored as part of my partnership with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. Read on for a delicious and vegan baked oatmeal recipe!] I’m always on the lookout for breakfasts that can be made in advance. Since the mornings can be a little crazy around here, I […]

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I Can't Believe It's Vegan! Chocolate Mousse Strawberries

The Easiest Way to Stick to Your Weight-Loss Plan

How to Have an Amazing Afternoon Run Every Time

If you're one of those people who only has time to squeeze in their runs on their lunch hour, here are some must-follow tips to make your runs as awesome as possible.

  1. A word about sleep: An epic afternoon run starts with the night before. Be sure to hit the hay early so you can clock in at least seven hours of sleep so you'll still have energy by midday.

  2. Breakfast is key: Even though you're not exercising until four hours from now, make sure to eat a healthy, filling breakfast. Keep it to about 350 to 500 calories, and go for protein and complex carbs. Oatmeal with fruit and nuts, yogurt with fruit and granola, eggs and toast, or a smoothie paired with a whole-grain muffin are perfect. Do not - I repeat - do not skip or skimp on breakfast.

  3. Sip on this: Dehydration can cause dizziness and cramping, so sip on water all morning long before your run. It also keeps your digestive system moving along, so you won't have to worry about cramping up from constipation. Just be sure to hit the ladies' room right before heading out.

  4. Start your day a little early: Whether you work or go to school, busy schedules can make it downright impossible to steal away for your workout. Even if you make a point not to skip it, you'll feel so stressed during your run that you'll despise every second of it. On days you know you want to run at noon, getting to work or cracking the books 30 to 60 minutes earlier will help you get a head start on your workload, so you'll feel ready and stress-free when it's time to lace up your sneaks. If that's not possible, plan to stay at work a little later to make up for the time you were running.

  5. Make it known: You're not the only one who should know you're heading out for a run at lunchtime. Tell your co-workers, boss, family, or whoever needs to know ahead of time that you're stealing away for an hour midday to get in a run. It should be considered as important as a doctor's appointment or a work meeting so you don't get any last-minute requests or phone calls that would prevent you from being able to take the time you deserve.

  6. Socks? Check: Since you're most likely squeezing a run into the middle of your busy day, you don't have one minute to spare, so don't waste it trying to find your missing sock. Get everything ready that you need for your run including sports bra (you could even wear this under your work clothes to save time getting dressed), running shorts, hairband, sunglasses, and headphones so you can grab them and be ready for your run in minutes.

  7. When and what to nosh: If you're waiting to eat lunch until after your workout, then make sure you snack on a little something around 11 a.m. before your noontime run. Whether it's a banana with a little peanut butter, a few crackers and cheese, or a small fruit and yogurt smoothie, a combo of quick-digesting carbs and protein is key. Don't try to get by on eating breakfast at 8 a.m. and waiting to fuel up until after you shower - you won't have the energy for an intense workout and will likely suffer dizziness and a headache during and after the run.

  8. Warm up: Seriously. This is important before a workout at any time, but especially if you've been sitting at a desk for the better part of your morning. Your body feels so tight that doing a few Sun Salutations to get your blood flowing, Circling Three-Legged Dogs to open tight hips, and this knee-in plank warmup to stretch the lower back and hamstrings will not only feel amazing, but it can also help prevent injury.

  9. Know your route: If you're into running outside, make sure you have your route planned out so you know exactly where you're running and how long it'll take. You don't need any midrun stressful thoughts like "Oh crap, how do I get back to my office?" or "Oh no, I'm never going to make it back in time for that meeting!" Keep it simple such as an out-and-back run, hit an outdoor track, or do block repeats so you're close to where you need to be.

  10. Outside motivation: Use whatever you need to get you excited for your run. Make a date to meet up with a running buddy, create a new kick-ass playlist like this, or listen to an audiobook to take your mind off the physical demands. You may even run an extra five minutes so you can listen to that one favorite song or that last exciting chapter.

  11. Reward your efforts: You deserve more than a pat on the back for sweating it out. Knowing you have a little something special to look forward to when you get back like a yummy sandwich or new smoothie recipe is sure to put a smile on your beet-red face. Get it ready either the night or morning before your afternoon run so you can grab it and refuel and not take any more time away from your busy schedule.

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The Worst Summer Foods For Your Waistline

Summer is finally here! But days by the pool and happy hours on the beach bring many temptations that can put your bikini body in danger. Shape comes to the rescue with tips on which foods to avoid this Summer to maintain your bikini bod!

It's summer! You've worked hard for a bikini-ready body, and now it's time to enjoy the sunshine, the fresh farmers' market produce, the bike rides, and the swimming. But often good weather also brings on some of the most tempting eats and drinks around. (Strawberry daiquiri, anyone?) That means all the hard work you put into looking good for summer can be undone by a few bad choices at happy hour, the beach, or when dining al fresco. But it's just as easy to make good choices. Here are some warm-weather foods that are the absolute worst for your waistline, plus a few healthy eating suggestions sure to satisfy your cravings while ensuring you stay on track.

When You're at Happy Hour

Avoid boneless buffalo wings. When the drinks are flowing and your celebration is in full swing on the patio, it's nearly impossible to pass on the tempting appetizers. Chicken wings are full of flavor, but here's why: The chicken is drenched in flour then fried-fatty skin and all-in potentially unhealthy oil; covered with a salty, sugary sauce; then dipped in fatty cheesy dressing. Your mouth may be watering, but Mary Hartley, R.D., says it's simply not worth it. "An order can easily have 1,500 calories and enough saturated fat and sodium to last for three days." She suggests to have a wingman to support your snacking habits, and order low-calorie steamed or raw seafood such as shrimp cocktail. Then go light on any accompanying sauces.

The No. 1 Way to Keep Your Metabolism Soaring

When You're at the Pool

Steer clear of the ice cream truck. It's every child's (and adult's) dream to hear that outdated tune call out from the street by the neighborhood pool, but think twice before grabbing your favorite frozen treat. Not only can you pass on the extra calories, but dairy products like ice cream often leave you with digestive trouble and promote unsightly bloating. Your tummy and tankini will thank you if you opt for a homemade frozen fruit juice slushy or smoothie. Secret tip: If you freeze pieces of peeled banana, then blend them with just a bit of non-dairy milk, you have an instant banana "ice cream" frozen treat. Bonus points for adding cocoa powder, nut butter, or berries.

Why the Ice Diet Will Likely Leave You Burned

When You're at a Carnival

Walk away from the fried food stands. While strolling along the aisles of a summer festival, carnival, or fair, you may see items you never knew could be deep fried and put on a stick. (Think Twinkies, Oreos, candy bars, etc.) A good rule of thumb? If it's served on a stick, it's better as a conversation piece than an actual snack or meal. In fact, if you can help it, do your best to eat before the carnival and focus on spending time with your company rather than ogling over the mysterious contents in the deep fryer. If you have to indulge, Hartley advises buying foods that contain at least one healthy ingredient, such as kettle corn, a candy apple, sliced watermelon, roasted chicken, grilled corn, a veggie burrito, or fresh lemonade. To help keep portions in check, order items that are naturally small, like a single corn dog.

Is "Freeze" the Next Juice Trend?

When You're at the Beach

Resist the urge to flag down a cabana boy for fruity, colorful cocktails. As cute as that shirtless waiter may be, those blended drinks on his tray will only cause a bloated belly and a sugar crash later on. "Sugar alcohols, such as the artificial sweeteners sorbitol and xylose, produce bloating and gas when eaten in large amounts," cautions Hartley. But fear not! You don't have to cut yourself out of the party completely. Opt for cocktails with fresh ingredients like herbs and citrus fruit with tonic water as opposed to sugary syrups or pre-made mixes. Of course, limit yourself to one or two drinks max, and steer clear if you're planning to swim.

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Announcing the 2014 POPSUGAR 100!

Welcome to the 2014 POPSUGAR 100! We've curated the top celebrities of the year, taking into account their most recent career successes, social media followings, awards and nominations, and other milestones, as well as your votes and reactions. With all that data, we're ready to reveal the stars, from music and movies to TV and politics, who make up the 2014 POPSUGAR 100. In the past, big names like Kate Middleton, Robert Pattinson, and Johnny Depp have taken home the top prize, while others have appeared at various ranks over the years. Can you guess who landed the No. 1 spot? Start scrolling to find out!

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Dear Mark: Red Meat and Breast Cancer, Net Carbs, and Solutions for Excess, Unavoidable Sun

For today’s Dear Mark, we’ve got a three-parter. First up, I discuss the latest study claiming that red meat will kill us all. Or maybe it’ll be killing roughly half of us all, seeing as how this paper concerns red meat and women’s breast cancer risk. Next, I give my position on the “net carbs” […]

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Summer Shape Up Week 3 giveaway- White Plum

Week 3, we’re coming after you! I feel like I say this every time we’re in the middle of a Shape Up, but it needs to be repeated: this is the week that determines whether you will sink or swim. You’ll either decide to fizzle out, or put the same […]

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10 Celebrity Trainer Tips For Last-Minute Bikini Prep

Only have a week or two before you don a bikini and want to look your best? We asked the top celebrity trainers to spill all the last-minute weight-loss advice they give their clients when they are prepping for a red carpet event or photo shoot. While we won't say it's not hard work, the good news is that there aren't any gimmicks or starvation schemes. Even better news? You'll feel strong, confident, and ready to wow in just a few days. Check out the last-minute weight-loss secrets below!

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If You Can Eat It, You Can BBQ It

The following post was written by Ashleigh Hinrichs who blogs at Daily Cup of Asheejojo and is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

I'll admit it: if you've never used one before, a grill can be a little intimidating. But once you lift up the lid and light the fire, you'll see that it's one of the easiest ways to cook your meals this Summer! I love that barbecuing can add so much flavor to dishes without having to do too much - just a little seasoning and a great marinade can go a long way. And there is no limit to what you can barbeque . . . trust me. If you can dream it, you can BBQ it!

What you need for a simple, flavorful, and healthy BBQ:

  • A barbeque

  • Drumsticks, or chicken portions of your choice

  • BBQ sauce or marinade

  • A large plastic bag

  • Corn

  • Pineapple

  • Heart of romaine lettuce

  • Salad dressing and toppings of your choice


  1. Being with the prep work. Toss the drumsticks with BBQ sauce or marinade in a plastic bag. Set aside.

  2. Shuck the corn, cut the pineapple into spears, and rinse the romaine lettuce.

  3. Heat the BBQ to medium-high heat. Start with the chicken. Space evenly across the grill, and close the lid. Wait around 8 to 10 minutes to check.

  4. Once the drumsticks begin to get nice grill marks and blacken, flip. Repeat on the other side. Continue this process until the chicken looks uniformly grilled and the inside has cooked through to 165°F.

  5. Toward the end of the chicken-cooking process, place the corn on the grill. Let it sit until the bottom starts to blacken. Flip, and repeat.

  6. Add the pineapple to the grill. Let it sit until grill marks start to form. Flip, and repeat.

  7. Lastly, place the romaine hearts on the grill for about 1 minute. Flip, and let it sit for 1 more minute. Remove from the heat immediately.Cut off the end of the heart of romaine. Top it with dressing and any toppings of your choice (I love honey mustard dressing with avocado and walnuts!).

Barbecuing is a great way to make healthy dishes with minimal ingredients. Just make sure you check your sauces for additional sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, and processed ingredients.

As you can tell, some of my favorite things to barbeque are somewhat out of the norm. Grilling pineapple gives this fruit a touch of savoriness, while releasing so many juices. Grilling romaine gives a salad a charred effect, slightly wilting and warming the lettuce, while playing with your taste buds.

The BBQ is all about having fun! I have not found "the perfect method" for grilling, but I love pretending I'm a grill master and playing around with cooking times.The most important thing is that your meat is fully cooked to the internal temperature of 165°F. Other than that, grill away!

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Weekend Link Love

Episode #25 of The Primal Blueprint Podcast is now live. Host Brad Kearns and I talk to Dr. Ron Sinha (author of The South Asian Health Solution) about his battle to change the position of the mainstream medical community on dietary fat and cholesterol and help them realize the roles of stress, inactivity, and high […]

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Backed by Science, This Workout Will Get You Fit in 7 Minutes

You're busy, and the American College of Sports Medicine knows this, so it created a seven-minute, high-intensity workout for you to squeeze as much sweat as you can out of a short exercise session. To truly reap the benefits of this fitness quickie, the ACSM recommends doing three reps of the workout. Get prepped with a mat and chair, since there are some step-ups coming your way. Press play and follow along as we lead you through the 12 moves.

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Week in workouts + Hi from AZ

Hi! Happy Sunday Hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful and relaxing weekend. I can’t believe we’re heading into Week 3 of Summer Shape Up already! Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway. New workout + the Week 3 giveaway details will all be up in the am. Right now I’m […]

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Save Your Waist and Your Wallet: 400-Calorie Breakfasts Under $4

Don't expect to lose weight if you skip out on breakfast - starting your day with a healthy meal is actually a must if you're on a weight-loss quest. Breakfast not only jump-starts your metabolism, but it'll also keep you feeling full and satisfied all morning long, so you're less likely to reach for high-calorie foods to rev up your energy. If you're watching your wallet, here are three inexpensive breakfast ideas - all under 400 calories.

Yogurt With Fruit and Granola

Nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt ($1.20): 120 calories

1/2 cup blueberries ($.75): 42 calories

1/4 cup granola ($1): 86 calories

15 raw cashews ($.75): 131 calories

Total cost: $3.70

Total calories: 379

Veggie and Cheese Omelet

2 large eggs ($.55): 143 calories

8 cherry tomatoes ($.75): 24 calories

1 slice onion ($.20): 6 calories

1/4 cup diced broccoli ($.33): 7 calories

2 large white mushrooms ($.25): 5 calories

1 ounce shredded monterey jack cheese ($.38): 106 calories

1 slice whole wheat toast ($.47): 100 calories

Total cost: $2.93

Total calories: 391

Pineapple Kale Blueberry Smoothie

Photo: Jenny Sugar

3 ounces nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt ($.60): 60 calories

1 tablespoon almond butter ($.53): 98 calories

1/2 cup frozen blueberries ($.50): 42 calories

1/2 cup frozen pineapple ($.75): 41 calories

1 cup kale ($.30): 34 calories

1 banana oatmeal breakfast bite ($.33): 74 calories

Total cost: $3.01

Total calories: 349

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Which Do You Like Better: Juices or Smoothies?

When it comes to boosting the amount of nutrients in your diet, adding a healthy, vegetable-filled drink to your day is an easy way to do it. And while going on an all-juice cleanse isn't the best way to shape up your diet, opting for a healthy drink, whether juice or smoothie, is a great solution to add a healthy boost to a busy day. Whether you sip on a green juice or blend up a fiber-filled smoothie, how do you drink your produce?

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Bikini Contest Preparation // One Week Out!

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25 Things You Need to Know About Cellulite

Dimply skin is adorable on teeny baby bottoms, but when we find it on our own, it's just not cute. Check out these tidbits about cellulite to learn the facts about what causes this type of fat and what really works if you're looking to get rid of it.

  1. It's much more common in women than in men because of the way our fat, muscle, and connective tissues are distributed. About 80 to 90 percent of women have it, including celebs like Jillian Michaels.

  2. Why does it look lumpy? When fat cells push up against our skin, and the fibrous tissue that connects our skin to our muscle pulls down, it causes that uneven appearance.

  3. It's most commonly seen around the thighs and tush, but it can be found on the breasts, lower belly, and upper arms as well.

  4. Cellulite ranges in severity from slight bumps to an extremely wavy orange-peel texture. Some women will only see it if they squeeze their skin or when sitting down, while others may have very obvious uneven skin with deep dimples or crevices.

  5. It's a myth that skinny people don't have cellulite.

  6. If you have thin skin, cellulite will be more visible.

  7. Hormonal changes that occur when you become a mother can also trigger cellulite.

  8. Opt for a smaller cup of joe, since one of the toxins in cellulite appears to be caffeine. Dehydration caused by too much caffeine can also make cellulite more noticeable.

  9. Take a bath and relax. Stress may also be a risk factor.

  10. Some studies show that applying retinol cream to the area helps diminish cellulite because it thickens skin, but other studies show no effect.

  11. Going for a run is more effective at getting rid of cellulite than rubbing on an anticellulite cream. That's because the best way to spot-reduce cellulite is to decrease your overall body fat.

  12. Yo-yo dieting can increase your risk of cellulite, so work hard to maintain a healthy weight.

  13. Although squats and lunges won't diminish cellulite, they will tone your butt and legs, revealing lean muscle once you reduce your body fat through cardio.

  14. Eat your veggies like your mom told you to, and you'll notice less dimpling. While they won't erase it, they will help you maintain a healthy weight, and the less fat on your body, the less cellulite appears.

  15. Keeping your reusable water bottle filled could also help. Staying hydrated improves the texture of your skin because it helps your body release the excess fluid it may be holding onto.

  16. If you're worried about the bumpy appearance of your skin, hit the hay a little earlier. Getting regular quality sleep also helps with cellulite.

  17. Put out that cigarette! Since smokers have large concentrations of cellulite, researchers believe there's a connection between the two.

  18. Although the body wraps at the spa that are designed to diminish cellulite may feel good, there's no scientific evidence that they work.

  19. A combination of laser, massage, radio frequency, and suction treatments may help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but these remedies are only temporary. You'll end up needing to fork over the moola for ongoing treatments in order to maintain your skin's new look.

  20. Many people turn to liposuction to reduce the fat in their bodies, but you're better off saving your dough. It can't get rid of that dimply skin entirely and may even make cellulite look worse.

  21. Don't drink coffee, but you can try a rub with it. One unproven home remedy for decreasing the appearance of cellulite is to rub coffee grounds on the area. Since caffeine increases circulation, it's believed that bringing new blood to the area will remove toxins and excess water from the area to decrease the dimpled look.

  22. It's a myth that tanning can hide cellulite. While tanned skin may make the texture of your skin look more even, when your golden hue fades, your cellulite might look even worse since UV rays damage the skin, making it thinner and less smooth. For this reason, wearing sunscreen can prevent cellulite from getting worse.

  23. Age is a factor too. The older you get, the more apparent cellulite will be, since your skin loses its elasticity as you age.

  24. And, like many things, genetics play a role in whether you'll have cellulite or not.

  25. Since there's no way to eliminate cellulite completely, the best way to handle that dimply skin is to embrace it!

from POPSUGAR Fitness Supplement Stack Guides

A PHD reader and friend of the blog, Sol Orwell, and colleagues have compiled a comprehensive database of free information about nutritional supplements at Our own Kamal Patel is their nutrition director. supplement recommendations are research based, everything …

Read more »

The post Supplement Stack Guides appeared first on Perfect Health Diet.

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Celebs Hit the Gym in the Summer Heat

It may be heating up outside, but these stars still want to make sure they keep their bodies scorching hot. While some A-listers kept it cool with indoor workouts, others soaked up the sun outdoors. Check out which celebrities braced themselves for the rising temperatures and made sure to get their exercise in this week.

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How to Drop Those Last 5 Pounds

In the beginning of a weight-loss journey, pounds melt away like ice on a hot Summer's day. But as you get closer to your goal, it's not unusual to hit a plateau. Here's how to keep those pounds dropping and keep the weight off for good.

Beef Up Your Workouts

If you've been steadily working out and following the same schedule, your body has probably grown accustomed to the routine. Rattle your body's chain a little and kick up the intensity of your workouts to further challenge your muscles. Work out longer or harder, increase the size weights you're lifting, do more reps of strength-training moves and vary the order, or try doing two workouts in one day.

Go For Fiber

Since your metabolism is already working pretty efficiently, eat fibrous foods that take longer to digest, so your body has to expend more energy to break them down. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, and legumes are where it's at, but focus on these foods with the highest amounts of fiber.

Munch on These Foods

Imbalances in your digestive tract have been linked to weight gain, so to restore the balance of bacteria in your gut, eat nonfat yogurt for the probiotics. Lack of calcium as well as vitamin D can also make it harder to lose weight, so be sure to eat dairy products and these calcium-rich fruits and veggies, as well as these foods high in vitamin D. Omega-3s are also vital for a healthy metabolism, so include fish, eggs, walnuts, chia seeds, and flaxseeds in your diet too.

Get Your Z's

Not getting adequate sleep (at least six hours) can also decrease leptin, the hormone that makes you feel satiated, while it increases ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Research shows that feeling sluggish the following day causes you to eat an average of 549 extra calories without even realizing it. Lack of sleep also slows down your metabolism, making you burn 20 percent fewer calories a day.

Cut Out the Cocktails

Boozy beverages not only offer your body empty calories, but since your body is working so hard to get rid of toxins, they also inhibit the production of glucose, which is needed for maintaining normal blood sugar levels and in turn slows down your metabolism. Not to mention, getting a little tipsy also clouds your judgment so you're more likely to say yes to another cosmo and a slice of cheesecake to go with it. Go for water or metabolism-boosting green tea instead.

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A Beach Workout to Tone All Your Bikini-Baring Zones

Make the most of your beach time and hit the sand for a toning workout. And who better to help you get your sweat on in the sand than the quintessential beach babes Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up? With no props required, these gals have created a five-move workout perfect for the soft sand or your living room. The full-body exercises will work you from head to toe and provide a little fine toning with small pulses to finish up the moves.

Here's a breakdown of the moves.

  1. Surf's up: From lying on your stomach, pop up into a wide sumo squat then return back down to your belly. Repeat for 30 seconds. Fine tone the outer thigh for 10 seconds doing small leg lifts in the sumo squat then switch legs and pulse on the other side.

  2. Bikini walk-out with tummy tuck: Begin standing, fold in half at the waist, and walk your hands out to a plank position. Hold plank and perform the tummy tuck by bringing your right knee to your right elbow, then repeat that action on the left. Walk hands back to feet, then perform a deadlift to come to standing. Repeat this move for 30 seconds, then fine tone the obliques by pulsing the knee toward the elbow in the tummy tuck move for 10 seconds on each side.

  3. Reverse plank with leg raise: Begin in a reverse plank position, and perform alternating leg lifts for 30 seconds. To fine tone the top of thigh, pulse the right legs toward your torso for 10 seconds, then switch and pulse the left.

  4. Warm hug to tipsy plank: In a side elbow plank, reach top arm to the sky and twist through the torso bringing the arm underneath the body; continue for 30 seconds. Fine tone in an elbow plank tipping the pelvis from side to side for 10 seconds before switching sides to repeat the hugging motion.

  5. Crab-up: Come to a crab position from lying on your back by performing a full sit-up. Reach your hand to your opposite leg before rolling back down. Repeat, switching sides, for 30 seconds.

Have fun and see you at the beach!

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The Telltale Signs Yoga Has Taken Over Your Life

When you're a dedicated yogi, it can feel like everything somehow relates back to your practice! As a brand-new student, you can't even begin to imagine the ways your yoga practice evolves and how it shapes and changes your day-to-day life - even outside the studio. Here's what you have to look forward to . . . or watch out for.

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Is That the Sound of the Heart Actually Breaking When You Break Up?

We know breakups can be emotionally draining, but are they bad for your health? From stress levels to pain perception, get the details about what actually happens to your body when you're nursing a broken heart!

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Build Your Way Up to a Burpee With Help From Cameron Diaz's Trainer

Whether you love 'em or loathe 'em, burpees are the best of both worlds: this challenging exercise gets your heart rate up while strengthening your entire body. If you're looking to incorporate this effective move into your workouts - and you should! - don't be intimidated. Just break it down.

Cameron Diaz's longtime trainer (and Kind spokesperson) Teddy Bass has the perfect solution for discouraged beginners. Instead of jumping right into a set of burpees that only leave you breathless and discouraged, start with this easy-to-follow routine: jump into the air 10 times, then follow that with 10 squats, 10 push-ups, and 10 mountain climbers before finishing in plank for 30 seconds. Unlike a burpee, which requires quick transitions between moves, you can go through these exercises at your own pace. When you're able to take your time and hone in on correct technique, you can build the strength you need to do a fluid burpee with ease. Depending on your current fitness level, Teddy says that after just a few weeks, you'll be able to do a set of burpees with the best of them!

If the idea of doing a full set of burpees freaks you out, just pretend you're training one-on-one with Teddy; in between strength-training moves, he likes to add two to five burpees for a mini boost of cardio to mix things up and keep things feeling fun.

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Run in Rising Temperatures Without Being a Hot Mess

Why Paralysis Can't Stop Olympian Amy Van Dyken-Rouen

Earlier this year, Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen suffered an almost-fatal ATV accident that left her paralyzed. The six-time gold medal winner severed her spine and had to be rushed into emergency surgery; before she went in, she made sure to say goodbye to her husband, Tom, in case she didn't survive. Now, Amy is tasked with intense physical therapy for seven hours a day, strengthening her body and hoping to regain feeling in her legs. Even with such a hard life challenge in front of her, Amy still has a positive attitude. "It's a setback; that's all it is," she said this morning on the Today show. "And then we're gonna rock and roll."

Amy's new goal: to walk out of the hospital in August. Check out how the two-time Olympian inspires those around her with her optimism and fierce dedication in the clip above.

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Down 360 Pounds in a Year and a Half!

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep […]

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Friday Faves

Let’s all do the Friday dance! What are you up to today? Some faves from the week and around the web: Your amazing Summer Shape Up check ins! Who’s ready to start Week 3 with a bang? Newsletter subscribers, be sure to check your email today for your Week 3 […]

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Sweet and Tropical Flat-Belly Salad

POPSUGAR Shout Out: Did Kim Kardashian Really Wig Out?

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Clean, Green Way to Start the Day

FIT CFS Muffin Top

dowloadable guide

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What to Know Before Taking Your First Spin Class

Ending Emotional Eating and the Transformative Art of Self-Care: Guilt, Blame, and Forgiveness

I've been thinkin, I've been thinkin'....What do you do when you've had an emotional eating episode? Do you shame yourself and slide back down the spiral? Or do you climb out, stronger than ever?

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Believe It or Not, the Human Body is Remarkably Resilient

Sometimes in the midst of fine-tuning our health – learning this fact, experimenting with that change – we can get caught up in the drama of nuance. Trust me, I’m all for improving my personal outcome. I’m grateful to be at the point of having all the fundamentals of good health more or less down. […]

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Back in the spin of things

Hey! Happy almost-Friday! What are you up to this weekend? (Succulents runneth over. Thinking it’s time to clip and replant?) I got to teach cycling last night and am STILL feeling the endorphins.This week I’ve taught Zumba, barre and cycling so far, and surprisingly, cycling felt the best even though […]

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Burn More Calories With Standing Ab Exercises

You can tone your abs without ever doing do a crunch again. And the good news gets even better. Standing ab exercises tone your middle while working your entire body, increasing your caloric burn. Try these six full-body exercises; since they're functional moves, they will make you stronger for activities outside the gym, too.

Number One: Overhead Circles With Medicine Ball

Stabilizing your torso against the weight of the moving medicine ball not only works your abs, but your arms will feel the burn, too. This is great exercise for your entire core.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart with a slight bend in your knees. Keeping your spine in neutral, lift a five- to eight-pound medicine ball overhead.

  • Begin to circle the ball to the right, in the largest circles you can make, while maintaining a still and stable torso.

  • Circle eight times to the right; then repeat, circling eight times to the left. Do three sets.

Number Two: Side Bend With Dumbbells

Great for toning the waist and stretching the sides of the body, side bends are a simple move to add to your fitness routine. Don't speed through your reps; doing this exercise slowly and methodically is considerably harder and much more effective.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart holding five- to 10-pound dumbbells at your sides.

  • Bend sideways to the right, squeezing your waist on the right side. Keep your neck as neutral as possible, looking forward not down.

  • Pull the left ribs down to return to standing upright. This focuses the work on the left obliques.

  • Repeat for a total of 12 bends to the right, then switch sides. Do three sets.

Number Three: Reverse Lunge With Twist

This classic body-weight exercise is made much more challenging when you challenge your balance and work your core. Grab a medicine ball and get twisting!

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width distance apart. Grasp a five- to 10-pound medicine ball between both hands, your arms outstretched in front.

  • Keep your core stable and weight on your heels. Take a large step back with your right foot, planting your foot and then lowering your body until both legs are bent in right angles.

  • As you sink into the lunge, twist your torso to the left and over your left leg.

  • Bring your torso back to center, and exhale as you extend your legs. Bring your feet back together, and then repeat with your left leg, this time twisting to the right.

  • This completes one rep.

Number Four: Twisting Wood Chop With Medicine Ball

The wood chop works the entire body with a strong focus on the core. This move will also raise your heart rate for an added cardio component. Use a five- to eight-pound medicine ball for this move.

  • Start with the feet a little wider than hip distance apart. Twist to the right raising the ball over to your right shoulder.

  • On an exhale pull your abs toward your spine and "chop" the ball down diagonally across your body toward the outside of your left knee. Imagine you're chopping some wood at this angle and the ball is your axe - the move is a bit percussive.

  • Focus on the rotation initiating in your torso.

  • Control the ball back up to the starting position. This completes one rep.

  • Remember you are moving with force but also control. Don't give into the momentum of swinging the ball around. Do three sets of 15 reps on each side.

Number Five: Shoulder Press and Side Crunch

Grab a set of five- to 10-pound dumbbells to tone your shoulders and waist with this exercise.

  • Stand holding dumbbells at your shoulders. With your palms facing forward, press the weights overhead, straightening your arms.

  • As you bend your elbows to lower the weights, lift your left knee up toward your left elbow. Squeeze your abs to exaggerate the side crunch.

  • Lower your leg while raising the weights overhead, and repeat the side crunch on the right. This completes one rep.

  • Do 15 reps, alternating sides.

Number 6: Alphabet Abs

There are two variations of this exercise: one for core stability and one for torso mobility. To start, grab a medicine ball that's between five and 15 pounds. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, making sure your knees are not locked.

For stability:

  • Start with the ball at chest level, and slowly write the cursive alphabet in front of you.

  • While your arms move around in all sorts of angles, you need to use your abs to keep your torso still. Think of keeping the area between your ribs and pelvis solid.

  • For a more advanced version, try this move while standing on a BOSU.

For mobility:

  • Start with the ball at chest level, but increase the range of motion of your arms by making your alphabet larger and using your torso and rib cage to write the letters as well.

  • Keep your abs engaged the entire time, and start with a lighter medicine ball. For more of a challenge, try this version in a squat or a lunge.

Number 7: Standing Twist

Some call this move the flashlight, and we love it for the intense focus on the abs. Straighten your arms to increase the difficulty. Once you master the move, try speeding up.

  • Stand with your knees slightly soft, holding a dumbbell at chest level.

  • Keep your pelvis stable as you rotate your ribcage right and left, to complete one rep. Be sure to keep your abs pulled toward your spine as you twist from side to side.

  • Do three sets of 30 reps each.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seth Roberts: An Appreciation

Seth Roberts died on April 26. He collapsed while hiking near his Berkeley home. The cause of death was occlusive coronary artery disease and cardiomegaly. Seth was one of the leading figures in the ancestral health and quantified self movements, …

Read more »

The post Seth Roberts: An Appreciation appeared first on Perfect Health Diet.

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Babywearing faves

(and by that, I mean the simplest kind with no-frills, minimal tying, and awesome cuddly time with baby) When I was at Tiki Port with a friend this past weekend, she asked me about babywearing. It made me realize a couple of things: -We’re definitely past that stage now… and […]

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Why Your Time of the Month Causes Digestive Distress

It's beyond rough when you suffer from digestive issues during your period. To help answer a reader's question on this matter, we turned to a board-certified physician who practices in southern California for her expert advice.

Dear Doctor,

I am wondering why my digestion goes haywire during my menstrual period. I always keep my diet clean and exercise daily, but I can't seem to combat the gas, diarrhea, constipation, and constant gurgly noises coming from my gut! What could this be and how can I stop it?

Oh, what fun menstruation is! It's our monthly reminder that we are capable of reproducing, which is a beautiful thing! But, unfortunately, it brings with it some not-so-fun symptoms, including the ones you've listed: gas/bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. The most straightforward answer for your question is that these symptoms you have are due to hormones and chemicals!

The intricate balance of hormones and chemicals is what allows ovulation and menstruation to take place. Estrogen is the hormone that is important in preparing the egg for ovulation. According to, it is the progesterone, and to a lesser extent estrogen, that is the culprit for a few of the symptoms you have. Progesterone is the hormone that increases immediately after ovulation and decreases slowly until its levels drop enough to trigger menstruation. The main symptoms that progesterone (and estrogen) cause are bloating, gas, and constipation. This is secondary to the slowing or quieting effect on the contractility of the smooth muscle of the digestive tract that progesterone causes.

Once menstruation is triggered, chemicals called prostaglandins are released. Everyday Health explains that prostaglandins are important in that they cause the uterus to contract to slough off the uterine lining during menstruation. Prostaglandins, especially if present in excess, can lead to uterine cramping and discomfort that some women experience during their menstrual period. In a published study on prostaglandins and the menstrual cycle, prostaglandin levels measured in women during their periods showed that women with diarrhea had higher levels of prostaglandins in their system. Thus, it is possible that higher or excess levels of prostaglandins could be the cause of the diarrhea and gurgly noises you experience during your period, as they cause increased contraction and motility of the smooth muscle of the digestive tract.

Typically, most women experience constipation prior to their menstrual period and this resolves within the first few days of menstruation. Also, according to Everyday Health, generally speaking, women who experience diarrhea during their menstrual cycle typically get it once menstruation has started and it usually occurs in the first three days of your menstrual period. However, all women are different in terms of the levels of hormones they have, and thus, different women can experience different symptoms at different times during their menstrual cycle.

Another study found that women with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are more likely to experience digestive disturbances during their menstrual periods compared to women without chronic bowel problems. Not all women who experience gastrointestinal problems during menstruation have IBS, but it's something to talk to your physician about if your symptoms are extreme. Anytime your symptoms are extreme, or you are experiencing significant pain or bloody stools, you should consult with your physician for further workup and treatment.

There are many things that can be done in the premenstrual and menstrual period to try and alleviate your symptoms. You can alter your diet to include lots of high-fiber foods, whole grains, and vegetables, and limit intake of extra salt, dairy, sugar, alcohol, spicy foods, and caffeine. You can manage or decrease stress by using relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation or by talking with someone. Regular exercise is also recommended during your premenstrual and menstrual period, which can help reduce stress and help your digestive system function more smoothly. Keeping a diary of your GI symptoms prior to and during your period may help you identify patterns with symptoms and food/exercise/behaviors and then a plan can be developed to optimize or avoid certain things during these times to minimize symptoms. Some people's menstrual symptoms may improve by taking medications such as Advil or Aleve (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs) that decrease prostaglandin levels. These medications are relatively well tolerated with short-term use, although they can upset the stomach and are best taken with a small amount of food. Contraindications to use of NSAIDs include: pregnancy, history of stomach or intestinal ulcers, asthma, bleeding abnormalities, and history of allergy to this type of drug. For more information on whether this type of medication is safe for you to take, you should consult with your primary care physician.

DrSugar's posts are for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. Click here for more details.

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10 Versatile Vegan Avocado Recipes

Avocados should be in constant rotation, no matter what the meal. Why? While avocados contain a high amount of fat, it's the healthy monounsaturated kind (which may help you lose belly fat), and they also are high in digestion-relieving fiber. Not only that, but creamy avocado makes an excellent substitute for dairy in many dishes - perfect for your next vegan meal. Check out these 10 deliciously creamy vegan avocado recipes below.

Source: Instagram user yosabara, Oh She Glows, POPSUGAR Studios, and Lizzie Fuhr

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10 Reasons Lemon Juice Is a Superfood

Saying that lemons are a superfood is an understatement. Not only do they add abundant flavor to a variety of dishes, but they also boast a ton of health benefits. The flavonoids within the juice are said to contain antioxidants, which is why lemons are useful in treating so many ailments and conditions. Here are 10 reasons to enjoy them ASAP.

  1. Prevent kidney stones: Drinking one half-cup of lemon juice every day raises citrate levels in the urine. Studies have shown that this could protect against calcium stones in the kidney.

  2. Soothe a sore throat: Mixing lemon juice with honey can help alleviate the discomfort that comes from a nasty sore throat.

  3. Support weight loss: Beyond the old notion that the Master Cleanse was the only way lemons could help you lose weight, new studies have shown the ways lemon juice supports your goals. Lemon juice contains pectin, a soluble fiber that has been shown to aid in weight-loss struggles.

  4. Start your day right: Leave caffeinated drinks behind, and start your day off with hot water and fresh lemon juice to stimulate your digestive track and add vitamin C.

  5. Stop an itch: When it comes to poison ivy or insect bites, rubbing lemon juice on the area can soothe the skin, since it has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects.

  6. Aids in digestion: Dr. Oz is a big believer in the power of lemon juice for weight loss. He suggests drinking a mixture of lemon juice and flaxseeds in order to eliminate waste more quickly from your body.

  7. Anticancer properties: Studies have supported the anticancer activity of citrus liminoids, compounds that protect your cells from damage that can lead to the formation of cancer cells.

  8. Potassium power: Bananas aren't the only way to get a big helping of potassium in your system. In addition to vitamin C, lemons offer 80 milligrams of this mineral that helps your body stay strong and nimble.

  9. Bring down a fever: Forget the days of starving a fever! When your temperature goes up, drinking a lemon juice mixture can help bring your fever down faster.

  10. Balance pH: While lemons may seem quite acidic, they're a surprisingly good source of an alkaline food that can help balance your body's pH.

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The Best Tips For Rocking a Dance Cardio Class Without Feeling Silly

5 Reasons to Make the Switch to Morning Workouts

Now that the days are sunnier and longer, take advantage by fitting in a workout tomorrow morning. Here are five reasons that will convince you.

  1. Morning calm: It's hard to get up on pitch-dark Winter mornings, so take advantage of the fact that Summer sunrises help coax you out of bed.

  2. Beat the heat: Midday temps will soon be climbing into the unbearable zone, so make a habit of getting your workout over and done with before the searing sun changes your mind.

  3. Fatigue-free: Humidity and heat can drain all the enthusiasm for an after-work sweat session. Waking up a little earlier to fit in a workout instead will get it out of the way while also giving you more energy throughout the day.

  4. Evening plans: It can be hard to coordinate with friends and family amid everyone's hectic Summer schedules, so why not free up some time during the evenings by switching to a morning workout?

  5. More calorie burn: Working out before a long day of work and errands zaps you of all your energy means you'll end up burning more calories in the same amount of time.

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10 Grilling Tips For a Healthy Barbecue

Grilling for the Fourth? Keep these tips from Self in mind while you prep for next week's holiday so you can have a healthy celebration.

Summer means grilling season! Whether you're cooking up burgers, chicken, or veggies, grilling will add loads of flavor. This All-American cooking method can be one of the leanest ways to prepare foods as well as you don't have to add loads of oil or other fats. Conquer your 'cue with these tips for keeping grilling healthy and delicious.

  1. Clean your grill. Scrub your grill with a grill brush or rag dipped in oil before and after cooking to reduce the buildup of char, bacteria, and other residue on the grates.

  2. Take temps. Have a thermometer handy to measure the internal temperature of meats when grilling. Cooking to proper temperatures can reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.

  3. Don't burn it. Blackened and charred meats may contain harmful heterocyclic amines (HCAs) that are chemical compounds which may be carcinogenic. Avoiding char on meat is an easy way to reduce HCA formation.

  4. Use a marinade. Using a marinade will not only improve the taste and flavor of your foods, but will also reduce HCA formation by up to 90 percent. Try marinating meats in a light vinaigrette salad dressing to keep things simple.

  5. Use a grill rack. Using a grill rack vs. a flat-top grill or grill pan allows fat to drip away from food and thus reduces the total fat in the food while still retaining plenty of the flavor.

  6. Trim the fat. Buy leaner cuts of meat to limit saturated fat, which is less heart-healthy than unsaturated fats. In addition, trim away any excess fat before cooking to prevent grease drippings from reacting with smoke to generate harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

  7. Wrap it up. Wrapping foods in foil can decrease formation of PAHs from fat drippings and reduce harmful smoke production from being inhaled. Plus, grilling foods in foil is a foolproof method that reduces the likelihood of overcooking or burning foods.

  8. Partially precook meats. Microwaving meats on high for a few minutes before grilling can reduce grilling times and HCA and PAH production.

  9. Cook slower. Lower grill heat (medium recommended) may take longer but reduces the amounts of HCA and PAH produced. Plus, cooking meats low and slow (make that your motto!) is the best way to achieve tender barbecue.

  10. Grills aren't just for meats. Try cooking nonmeat items such as veggies, fruits, flatbreads, and even salad on the grill. These delicious recipes can give you some ideas of outside-the-box grill recipe ideas your family is sure to love!

More from

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Sur La Table dinner at home

Nothing like a Tuesday night fancypants (yet easy!) dinner after a hot barre class. (Hot barre! Not to be confused with the Whole Foods meal, but equally delicious and a rare form of workout torture/triumph.) Ok, and wine too Even though it was a little lonely preparing this meal by […]

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POPSUGAR Shout Out: What's in a Baby Name?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dr. Oz Called to Congress to Explain “Magical” Weight Loss Pills

Mehmet OzDr. Oz made an appearance on Capitol Hill, debating the validity of the pills and extracts he promotes on his show.

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Afternoon energizing stretch

When was the last time you got an awesome stretch?? Usually yoga is my go-to for serious stretching, but lately with my subbing/teaching schedule I’ve been lucky to make it to yoga once a week. One of my favorite things about taking and teaching barre classes is that you stretch […]

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Refresh Your Summer Cardio With Hot New Music

Celebrate the official start of Summer with a new pop-filled workout soundtrack - this one will be your go-to mix all season long! Subscribe to the Spotify playlist, and check out the full list of upbeat and inspiring tracks below. With so many awesome tunes, you'll find a new Summer anthem that will motivate you to get moving even more often than you already are.

  1. "Money on My Mind" - Sam Smith

  2. "Summer" - Calvin Harris

  3. "Lay Me Down" - Avicii

  4. "Fancy" - Iggy Azalea

  5. "Wasted" - Tiesto and Matthew Koma

  6. "Hideaway" - Kiesza

  7. "Bad" - David Guetta, Showtek, and Vassy

  8. "A Sky Full of Stars" - Coldplay

  9. "Come Alive" - Chromeo and Toro Y Moi

  10. "Beating Heart' - Ellie Goulding

  11. "Do It Again" - Röyksopp and Robyn

  12. "I Wanna Get Better" - Bleachers

  13. "Deeper" - Ella Eyre

  14. "Problem" - Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea

  15. "Wild Wild Love" - Pitbull and G.R.L.

  16. "Shower" - Becky G

  17. "Lionhearted" - Porter Robinson and Urban Cone

  18. "I Will Never Let You Down" - Rita Ora

If this mix doesn't suit your musical tastes, check out all our workout playlists here.

Remember, you will need to download the free Spotify software or app to listen to our playlists.

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Your Resource For the Best Flat-Belly Tips

Looking your best during bikini season begins with feeling strong and confident in your body. Regular exercise and a healthy eating plan will help you feel your most gorgeous, but for those days when you feel like you want a little extra help, these flat-belly tips could be just what you need. We've compiled a few smart habits that will help you debloat, detox, and feel like your sleekest self this Summer; pin or print this infographic for reference all throughout bikini season. Want more debloating tips? Stay tuned for our Flat-Belly Challenge in July!

Front Page Source: Shutterstock / Kamil Macniak

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Drink Coffee to Give Your Workout a Major Boost

Apply For POPSUGAR Select Fitness!

POPSUGAR Select is our premier blogger network featuring the best beauty, fashion, food, home, fitness, and mom bloggers hand-selected by our editors. We recently extended the program to feature our favorite YouTubers as well.

We're always on the lookout for talented bloggers to join our POPSUGAR Select Fitness channel and are officially accepting applications. If you want to team up with us and get invitations to exclusive blogger programs and special events, then we want to hear from you!

Apply here for all POPSUGAR Select programs.

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A Sweet and Spicy Gazpacho That Hydrates

A Weekend to Remember: PrimalCon New York 2014

I wrote this blog post as PrimalCon Mohonk was coming to an end a couple weeks back, but am just now getting around to publishing it. As you’ll see, it was an incredible event. I hope you’ll join me and other paleo experts and enthusiasts at PrimalCon Oxnard this coming September. But more on that […]

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Torch Calories at the Track: Outdoor Interval Workout

Interval training torches calories, increases your speed, and targets belly fat and with this trifecta of benefits, what's not to love? But intervals are tough, both mentally and physically. I wish I could say that I love this workout, but that would be a lie. Just ask my running buddy to tell you how I curse when doing this interval sprint. I can, however, easily admit that I love how I feel afterward, and I love that I burn over 450 calories while doing it.

This workout involves sprinting, so run as fast as you can. Since this run can be a little confusing, before you start, mentally divide the track into four equal quarters since you will be running 100-yard sprints at different points around the track. This is not a beginner workout and you should have a strong running/aerobic fitness level before doing this workout. Even if you don't like to race, this is a great way to add spark to your running routine and help you move past a weight-loss plateau.


Four slow laps around the track

Dynamic warmup

  • 20 high-knee marching steps

  • 20 butt kickers

  • Skip 20 steps

  • Skip with kick 20 steps

  • 20 heel walks

  • 20 toe walks


Note: You can walk or jog slowly during the recovery period

Jog 400 yards (one lap at most tracks)

Sprint 100 yards

Recover* 400 yards

Sprint 100 yards

Recover 300 yards

Sprint 100 yards

Recover 200 yards

Sprint 100 yards

Recover 100 yards

Sprint 100 yards

Recover 400 to 800 yards

Repeat workout one more time!


Jog 800 yards


Try the workout and let me know what you think. Running intervals like this has definitely made my steady-paced, longer runs feel dreamy.

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No-bake blueberry jam bars

I have this grand vision of the (very) distant future: I am an awesome grandma and I always have some type of fresh-baked cookies waiting for visitors in the cookie jar. For now, it’s this random Pyrex dish. Each week, there’s something entirely different for snacking: amazeballs, protein fudge, granola […]

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The Surprising Reasons You Should Eat More Protein

Whether you're an omnivore or herbivore, you need protein in your diet. Here's why you should take a look at the amount of protein on your plate.

Muscle building: Of course, the most well-known reason for eating protein involves building a strong, lean body. Protein is the key to repairing and renewing muscles, making them stronger in the long run. That's why it's so important to eat a protein- and carb-filled snack after exercise (like these low-calorie post-workout snack ideas).

Weight loss: More muscles, more metabolism; not only will eating more protein help you stay fuller, longer, but upping your protein intake has been shown to help your body burn more fat, not muscle. Just keep in mind, however, that a diet too high in protein, especially if it is made of animal meat that is high in saturated fats, can increase health risks.

Lower stroke risk: While a diet high in red meat can increase the risk of heart disease, a diet high in other types of lean protein (like fish) can actually lower your risk of stroke. A recent meta-analysis found that the risk of stroke was lower by 26 percent for every 20-gram increase in protein intake.

Bone health: Protein isn't just for healthy muscles; those essential amino acids may help your bones stay strong later in life as well. A recent study in elderly Japanese women found that those who ate more protein were less frail than those who ate the least amounts of protein. This particular study showed no difference whether the protein was plant- or animal-based, so take to heart that these vegan protein sources are just as beneficial to your body as lean meats.

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Tips For Having the Best Evening Workout Ever

If your morning starts early and a midday workout isn't an option, an evening workout might be the only time that fits into your busy schedule. Even though the sun stays out later during Summer, getting into the groove of consistent nighttime workouts can prove to be tough for people who prefer to exercise in the morning; if you can relate, remember these tips to make your late-night workouts a better experience.

Time your meals right: Eating a big dinner and heading straight to a workout can zap your energy and lead to digestion issues. No matter what time of day you choose to exercise, make sure to plan your workout two to three hours after your meal. This might mean eating dinner at the office before you head to the gym or having a light post-workout meal ready to go once you get home. Try eating at different times to find that sweet spot that supports your workout performance.

Stay hydrated: Dehydration can lead to cramping, lack of energy, and a slew of other issues that can hinder your workout. Make sure you're drinking water all day long at the office plus right before, during, and after your workout. Not only will this ensure the best workout possible, but you'll also wake up the following morning feeling energized and ready to take on another busy day.

Go in with a plan: If your only option is working out late at night, chances are, your schedule is pretty tight. Instead of wasting any precious time dawdling around the gym, show up with a plan in place. You can always head to a group fitness class or print out one of our challenging cardio routines, but remember: you can always get an effective sweat session in at home with all our video workouts.

Dress the part: When you love to exercise outdoors, it can be tough to drag yourself into the gym - just because you have to work out later doesn't mean you can't get outside! With that said, it's important to be extracautious with your routine and your workout wardrobe late at night. If you'll be hitting the streets, stay safe with reflective gear, and while it might be tough, consider leaving your headphones at home, so you'll be more aware of your surroundings. Check out our other tips for outdoor nighttime workouts.

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POPSUGAR Shout Out: Tear-Worthy Proposals

Photos by Libby McGowan Photography, Stephanie Parsley Photography, Jenna Peterson Photography, and Dr. Z Photography

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Christmas in June

Hi guys! How’s your day going? Keep those giveaway entries coming! Awesome prize this week, too Bella and Caro wanted to say hello and show off their new haircuts. We found a new groomer -she is AMAZING- and she texted a picture of Caro lounging while she was getting her […]

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Have a Healthy Dinner Ready in 15 Minutes (or Less!)

If you rely on takeout and frozen dinners night after night, not having enough time to cook is no longer a reasonable excuse! All of these healthy, light, and nutritious meals take just 15 minutes or less from prep to plate. Whether you're working late or coming back from an evening workout, these recipes will prove to be lifesavers this Summer.

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

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How Kesha Got in Warrior Shape

There's no denying we all want a body worthy of center stage. Shape is giving us the inside scoop on how Kesha works out so that she's ready to show off her physique for any performance.

Kesha may be known for her eccentric outfits and outrageous makeup, but underneath all that glitter and glam, there's a real girl. A real gorgeous girl, at that. The sassy singer has been looking better than ever lately, with a natural new look, a hot new boyfriend, and a much talked about new show, to boot (Rising Star premiered June 22 at 9/8c on ABC).

If you happen to follow the buxom blonde on Instagram, you'll notice she loves to show off her pretty perfect posterior (and who wouldn't!)-but according to her trainer Kit Rich, the pop star puts in a lot of hard work to achieve it. That's why we were thrilled to sit down with the celeb fitness guru to steal some of Kesha's "Warrior" booty workout secrets and more.

Shape: How long have you been working with Kesha?

Kit Rich (KR): Since her song "TikToK" came out. Our first session was on the beach. After our workout, she went and jumped in the ocean! It was freezing but she didn't care. She became one of my absolute favorite people after that.

Shape: How many days a week do you usually work out and how long are the sessions?

KR: It depends. She travels a lot for work. When I was on tour with her, we trained almost every day. When she is in town, she stays consistent - mainly three times a week, sometimes four. Sessions are one hour long, but she is also great about working out on her own.

Shape: What does a typical workout with Kesha specifically entail?

KR: Kesha loves a challenge! I switch it up all the time. Today, we did a 24­ minute Tabata­-inspired routine that only focused on arms using 10­-pound weights, an eight-­pound ball and a resistance band. So she did a total of six exercises for four minutes each (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off). Then for the second half, we did Pilates that mainly focused on her core. She is becoming a master at the wunda chair. That woman has strength! A real athlete. The routine was hard but simple, and she was sweating. She loved it.

Shape: What are the biggest changes you've seen in Kesha since you started working together?

KR: My type of workout creates a long and lean looking athlete. I want women to feel powerful, empowered, and energized. With Kesha, I've noticed such an improvement in strength. With Pilates, she has improved quickly. The moves are very intricate and specific, and she really loves it. She requests it every time she comes.

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Shape: Kesha has an amazing booty. Can you give us your top three tips on how to whip our own backsides into shape?

KR: Kesha and I do a mixture of weight training and Pilates moves to get that booty. I incorporate squats with weights, plyometrics, and lunges. I get creative by using a lot of variations. Then I do moves on the Pilates machines such as the reformer or Cadillac to target her booty. The lunges, squats, and plyo not only target her glutes, hamstrings, and quads, but help boost her heart rate and metabolism. The Pilates moves help with specificity to target and shape the backside.

Shape: Did you help Kesha with her diet? What types of healthy foods and drinks does she like to have?

KR: I did when I was on tour with her. She loves unsweetened iced tea like an iced hibiscus or berry tea. It really quenches the sweet tooth.

Kesha's Warrior Workout

How it works: Do each exercise for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. Repeat this sequence three times for a total of 2 minutes, then move to the next exercise.

Repeat the entire circuit once more, if desired.

You will need:

Dumbbells, mat

Ankle Tap Squat

Stand with feet hip-­width apart holding dumbbells. Squat down, keeping weight in heels, chest up, eyes forward, and core engaged. Try to lower the weights as close to ankles as possible. Return to starting position.

Hammer Curl to Shoulder Press

Stand with feet hip-­width apart, knees slightly bent, holding dumbbells with palms facing in. Curl dumbbells to shoulder height. At the top of the movement, extend arms above head.

Reverse direction to starting position.

Pushup Pull

Get in plank position with arms wider than shoulders and a dumbbell on either side of you. Inhale as you bend elbows out to the side to perform a pushup, lowering chest as close to the floor as possible. Exhale, pushing back up to plank. Grab dumbbell with right hand and perform a row, bending elbow and pulling dumbbell to ribcage while keeping hips pointing toward the floor. Lower dumbbell to the floor. Repeat, rowing with left arm. Continue, alternating arms.

Plyo Jump Lunge

Stand in a lunge with right foot forward, energy in right heel, and left heel lifted. Keeping body as upright as possible, chest open, and abs engaged, bend left knee toward the floor,

making sure right knee is in line with ankle and does not go over toes. Jump up, switching leg position so you land with left foot forward and right foot back. Continue, alternating legs.

Leg Kick-­Up Plank

Get in plank position, arms shoulder-­width apart and body forming a straight line from shoulders to hips to heels.

Keeping butt low, lift right leg, kicking toward the sky. Lower to starting position and kick with left leg. Continue, alternating legs.


Stand and run in place, lifting knees as high as possible and making sure not to lean back.

Plank Oblique Dip

Get in forearm plank position with arms shoulder-­width apart and shoulders over elbows. Dip right hip toward the floor. Lift hips back to center and dip left hip toward the floor. Continue, alternating sides.

For more info on celeb trainer Kit Rich, visit her official website or connect with her on Twitter.

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