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Review + Giveaway: @LornaJaneActive’s Move, Nourish, Believe Journal


My review of Lorna Jane's Move. Nourish. Believe Diary!

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Hawaiian Primal Fuel

With most of the country getting hit with severe winter weather, I thought a number of you might appreciate a little tropical break—even if it’s in your kitchen. This week’s recipe is from the new Primal Fuel Recipes booklet featuring over 20 delicious and energizing recipes made with Vanilla Coconut Creme and Chocolate Coconut Primal […]

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How to Break an Emotional Eating Habit

Even when you think you're hungry, you could be eating for the wrong reasons. Many people mistake dehydration for hunger, and others feel the urge when they're bored or coping with certain emotions. "If you eat when you're sad or stressed, you probably already know that food is a horrible therapist," says Julie Upton, RD, of Appetite For Health. Instead of feeding these self-destructive feelings, Julie offers up this hunger scale to help you break your emotional eating habit. Use this hunger scale for the next few days to keep tabs on your physical hunger and how to eat an appropriate amount to satisfy. It'll help you realize certain patterns that can lead to weight-loss success.

Check out more tips on how to stop emotionally eating here.

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Fitness Fashion Friday: Pullover love

The pullover is the MVP of my workout wardrobe. I recently did a little spring clean out, and realized how many I use often -perfect for a coverup when it’s a little chilly at night- and how many have stood the test of time. This pullover is about 5 years old! I got it from […]

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This Mediterranean Quinoa Salad Will Be Your New Favorite Lunch

The Plank Workout That Sculpts Your Abs, Butt, and Arms

You'll Cringe Watching These People Taste Jimmy Kimmel's "Cold-Pressed Juices"

If you've ever spent $8 on a bottle of green juice, prepare to cringe. Jimmy Kimmel's latest prank focuses on cold-pressed juice, which he believes is a crazy food trend - and after watching this, you might agree with him. At a trendy LA farmers market, Kimmel's partners in crime set up a hip-looking juice booth, which by all appearances offered the finest, most expensive cold-pressed juices around. Labeled Jüce, the bottles definitely fit the bill when it comes to the fruit and vegetable concoctions beloved by healthy eaters everywhere . . . but the drinks inside certainly did not. Made with Fun-Dip, Tang, Creamsicles, and Skittles, the faux juices brought out some seriously cringe-worthy moments from farmers market shoppers. Check out their embarrassing (but hilarious!) reactions to the latest health food craze.

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How a Chance Encounter with Primal Advice Changed My Life

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep […]

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Friday Faves

Hi friends! Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans or Super Bowl festivities on the horizon? I’m not a huge football plan -college basketball is my favorite sport- but I always look forward to the food. It’s going to be allthewineandpizza on Sunday. In standard Friday fashion, here are some […]

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Is Your Dinnerware the Reason You're Overweight?

Studies show that the size of your dinnerware can really impact how full or hungry you feel; in fact, we're wired to want to finish whatever's on our plate. Instead of piling onto a huge platter, use salad plates or shallower bowls in order to keep portions in check. "Eat your meals off smaller plates and bowls and you'll serve yourself about 10 percent less, which can add up to hundreds of calories less every day," says Julie Upton, RD, of Appetite For Health. How much is just right? Go for bowls that hold no more than 1.5 cups and plates that are less than nine inches in diameter.

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Overnight Quinoa: Your New Favorite Breakfast

Experience the Best Sleep of Your Life, Thanks to . . . Jeff Bridges?

To fall asleep, some people count sheep. Others drink chamomile tea. And now, anybody can listen to Jeff Bridges (yes, that Jeff Bridges) chant them into a sweet, sweet slumber. While The Dude from The Big Lebowski whispering sweet nothings into your ear might be the last thing you'd ever imagine as a sleep aid, his new album (Sleeping Tapes) might change your mind. Filled with Bridges-narrated stories, soothing sounds, and guided meditations, the album is available for free streaming on the actor's Squarespace site . . . however, you can also buy the tracks at a "pay what you like" price. All proceeds from the album sales - including limited-edition boxed sets and vinyls at a set price - go toward Bridges's passion project, No Kid Hungry. If you struggle with falling asleep, this may be the perfect (albeit unexpected) solution. Goodbye, sheep! We're going to count White Russians tonight.

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Is Farro Healthier Than Quinoa?

Sources: Anna Monette Roberts and Jenny Sugar

Quinoa used to get all the attention as one of the most nutritious whole grains, hailed as one of the best superfoods ever, but farro is quickly gaining popularity. A little softer and more tender in texture, it's similar to rice, so people who can't deal with the slightly nutty flavor and poppy texture of quinoa will love spooning into a bowl of farro. But is it healthier than quinoa? Check out the nutritional comparison below. For those who deal with any sort of wheat intolerance, it's important to note that farro is not a gluten-free grain.

1/4 cup dryCaloriesFat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Protein (g)Calcium (mg)
Quinoa170 2.5303720
Farro170 0333740

Are you surprised? Nutritionally speaking, both grains are pretty much exactly the same. While they're both high in fiber and protein, farro has slightly more carbs but also offers more calcium than quinoa. If you're new to farro, try this radish, kale, and farro salad.

Still obsessed with quinoa? Try it for the first meal of the day making this apple cinnamon breakfast bake. For an appetizer or dinner, whip up these Mexican quinoa burrito bites. And for dessert you'll love these ginger molasses cookies made with homemade quinoa flour.

If you can't choose between these two delicious grains? Whip up this Tender Greens' Happy Vegan Salad that includes a quinoa and beet salad as well as a farro cranberry kale salad. Yum!

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How Eating a Rainbow Can Bring You Closer to Your Goal Weight

I never thought I'd approve of a candy's motto, but Skittles has got it going on when it suggests you "Taste the Rainbow." While I'm pretty sure a diet of artificially colored corn syrup and hydrogenated oil isn't the way to go, including a colorful variety of whole foods as part of a rainbow meal is.

Enjoying a rainbow meal could not be simpler. Ideally, you want to have a variety of foods on your plate that represent every color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. I can hear Kermit the Frog singing it now, "Why are there so many songs about rainbows?" Because they're gorgeous, eye-catching, and fun, and that's one of the many reasons eating a rainbow is good for your health. Here are a few more reasons to start creating rainbow plates.

1. Beats Boredom

Forget opening your lunch to find another dull sandwich. Making a point to eat new, vibrantly colored foods every day will make you excited about eating, which can curb unhealthy cravings.

2. Boosts Nutrition

Different foods offer a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, so the best way to ensure you achieve ideal nutritional intake each day is to include a wide variety of foods.

3. Encourages Weight Loss

Choosing foods that are bright and colorful inevitably means eating more fruits and veggies, and since they're low in calories and high in fiber, you'll feel satisfied even though you're consuming fewer calories. Downing a big bowl of one-color pasta isn't the best choice if you're trying to lose weight. But if you add roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, and black beans, then you'll feel more satisfied while also consuming fewer calories and carbs.

And because a rainbow meal is more like art, you'll want to slowly savor each bite. Eating slower helps you appreciate your food more, and you'll also be more in tune with your body's "I'm full" signal, helping you stop eating when you've had enough instead of robotically inhaling whatever's on your plate.

4. Bold Color Means Big Health Benefits

Foods get their deep and vibrant hues from antioxidants, which can boost your immune system and prevent certain diseases. Red foods such as tomatoes, beets, and watermelon provide lycopene, which can reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancer. Blue and purple foods like blueberries, eggplant, and grapes can reduce your risk of heart disease as well as age-related memory loss. Rich, green-colored foods such as avocados, asparagus, and spinach can help protect against cell damage and maintain healthy eyesight.

How to Get Started

Begin by adding one rainbow meal each day. Since this takes a bit of planning, it's best to pick a meal you normally eat, and salads are perfect since fresh produce comes in so many wonderful shades. Write down every color of the rainbow on a piece of paper, and then think of a food for each of the colors. Need an idea? Try making the layered salad above with these ingredients:

Red: red bell peppers

Orange: carrots

Yellow: yellow peppers

Green: mesclun

Blue/purple/black: blueberries and purple cabbage

Brown/tan: chickpeas and sunflower seeds

White: cucumber and tofu

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A Look at What Would Happen If Gandhi Took Yoga Today

You've probably never given one thought to what Gandhi would think if he strolled into a hot Vinyasa class, but this video sums it up perfectly. Spoiler alert - he's not a fan. While it's amazing that yoga has become so mainstream, a lot has changed about this ancient practice that would probably piss the dhoti off greatly upset this incredibly peaceful man. Check out what it looks like when the world's most well-known Hindu unrolls his mat at the world's least Hindu place - a Crunch gym. And just a heads-up that some of the language in this video makes it NSFW.

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41 Guilt-Free Super Bowl Snacks

Shake Up Your Strength-Training Routine With This Dumbbell Circuit

The following post was originally featured on Fitnessista and written by Gina H., who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

Today, I have a dumbbell circuit to share featuring one of my favorite training methods: drop sets. Here's the idea: you start with the first set at a challenging weight (aka more than you would usually use for that exercise). You perform a smaller amount of reps, and emphasize good form with the heavier weight. (Even though it's challenging, maintain your posture, breath control and proper alignment.) For the next set, you'll decrease the weight, and perform a slightly higher amount of reps. For the last set, you'll do your usual weight and increase the reps. Your normal weight is going to feel extremely challenging! It's a great way to shake up your strength training routine, especially if you like to perform the same exercises on a consistent basis.

To learn more about this workout, check out Gina's blog.

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Prepare to Be Completely Inspired by Marisa Inda's Insane Upper-Body Strength

With not even a quiver, shake, or glimmer of effort, Los Angeles personal trainer and mother of two Marisa Inda showed her unbelievable upper-body strength while dancing on the pull-up bar on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show. For the former gymnast and bodybuilder, pull-ups aren't the only way she demonstrates how strong she is - check out a few videos from her Instagram page.

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Healthy Meal Prep | Grilled Chicken Salad're%2BHealthy.80.jpg

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Contest Results: Grocery Time

I love seeing the pics submitted for this contest. It’s always a pleasure to see the happy, healthy, glowing faces of Mark’s Daily Apple readers. Not to mention the great looking food! Once again, many thanks to everyone that participated. The lucky winner of this random drawing will take home 2lbs of Fresh-frozen fish from […]

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The Mind Trick That Helps You Eat Fewer Calories

When you sit down to eat, you can trick your mind into thinking you're eating more without actually consuming more calories. Here's the trick that Julie Upton, RD, of Appetite For Health recommends: "Divide your food and treats into several smaller pieces." Try cutting up a sandwich, piece of banana bread, or bagel into quarters or slicing a piece of grilled chicken into several smaller pieces. It means taking more time to chew each individual bite and acts as a mind game that helps trick your brain into thinking you've eaten way more than you really have.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

9 Recipes That Will Make You a Cauliflower Convert

If you think you hate cauliflower, it's time to see the light. The white, neutral-tasting vegetable is packed with nutrients (like cancer-fight antioxidants, anti-inflammatory vitamins, and digestion-relieving fiber) while being low in calories to help you with your weight-loss goals. In short, you need these flowery florets in your life. Here are nine delicious preparations that will change your mind and make you a cauliflower convert for life.

- Additional reporting by Lizzie Fuhr

Source: Lizzie Fuhr, Camilla Salem, Leta Shy

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You Won't Believe How Short This Expert Says Your Workout Can Be

To lose weight, you don't always need to spend hours at the gym. In fact, HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, has been proven to be one of the best ways to burn more calories and target belly fat. But just how short can you get? Try just four minutes, according to Tabata program director and head coach of Lock Box LA, PJ Stahl. According to PJ, the length of just one Tabata cycle is enough to see the results that the interval-training technique is known for, including fat loss, improved metabolism, and better endurance. "You only do one Tabata four-minute protocol in your entire workout," PJ says. "The reason that the Tabata program works is because I designed it to utilize 20 seconds of beyond maximum intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight rounds, totaling to four minutes," he explains. The trick is in the 20 seconds, during which you are supposed to exercise past your metabolic threshold - in other words, an 11 on a 1 to 10 scale of rate of perceived exertion.

Wondering how often you should sweat it out in a four-minute intense Tabata cycle? Here are PJ's suggestions:

  • Novice (someone new to exercise or returning to exercise): Start with once a week and add when you are ready.

  • Intermediate (someone who has been exercising at least six months and has had some experience in HIIT, bodyweight and core training, and ploymetrics): Start with once or twice a week and add more when you are ready.

  • Advanced (someone who has been exercising six months or more and has experience in the above styles of training): start with twice a week and add more when you are ready.

  • Athlete (someone who has been exercising at least one year or more and has experience with Tabata): start with two to three times a week and add more when you are ready.

Of course, you don't have to stop your workout once you're done with your Tabata cycle, but if you're ready to try this technique, check out a few of our Tabata workouts here!

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Score a Touchdown With These Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

For a lot of people, Super Bowl Sunday equals Super Bowl snack time. Savory items like chips, dips, wings, and pizza are standard, but it's not a bad idea to also offer up healthy, lighter fare for your guests.

Intercept empty calories, sugar, and fat by making these better-for-you alternatives to the classics. With tasty food like this, you won't miss the traditional nachos, ranch dip, or chicken wings!

- Additional reporting by Emily Bibb, Lizzie Fuhr, and Jaime Young

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Princess and the… no

When Liv was born, there were only a handful of things that I really wanted for her. Of course, I wanted her to be healthy, feel safe, and grow up surrounded by love. I wanted her to become a compassionate, kind, polite, and confident individual. And I wanted her to love books (ok, and Broadway […]

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6 Healthy Foods You're Probably Overeating

A Random Citizen Shoveled the Boston Marathon Finish Line During the Blizzard

While most New Englanders try their best to avoid the biting cold of Winter, one citizen braved Tuesday's Nor'easter blizzard to shovel the Boston Marathon finish line. Much to the shock of Philip Hillman (who noticed the man shoveling the street below from the comfort of his hotel room), the man went relatively unnoticed, performing the remarkable deed anonymously. Determined to discover the identity of the noble citizen, Hillman and his friends took to Twitter, asking "#whoshoveledthefinishline." Unsurprisingly, other Bostonians became intrigued by the anonymous act of respect, and soon there was no stopping the city from unmasking the good samaritan.

Powerful photo, taken by my friend @PhillyIdol1017 - let's find the guy in the photo! #whoshoveledthefinishline

— Gabrielle Daniels (@AroundTownGabby) January 28, 2015

After many hours spent searching for the name of this unsung hero, a local bar tweeted the identity of the finish line snow shoveler to a Boston news station.

Do you know #WhoShoveledTheFinishLine during yesterday's blizzard? #fox25

— FOX 25 News Boston (@fox25news) January 28, 2015

Chris Laudani, the bartender who cleared snow from the Boston Marathon's finish line, was not seeking glory when he set out to shovel the snow. "I only did it to send a message . . . I love the Boston Marathon and everything it stands for, the finish line doesn't deserve to be covered in snow," he told the Boston Magazine once his identity was revealed. "I think it's cool that so many people feel the same way, but I saw the word 'hero' being tossed around and that I don't like. I'm no hero, I'm just a nut who loves the marathon." While he may not like being called a hero, there's no denying that Laudani inspired the people of his city with his act of respect for the marathon, which has become a symbol of strength in the aftermath of 2013's brutal bombing. It's this type of everyday action that represents #BostonStrong, and it proves that the city will not be held down.

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The Best Bar Food Gets a Light Mediterranean Twist

Twice-baked sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts hash

Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Liv and I have been playing nurse to the pups; they’re still moving a little slowly after their dental cleaning yesterday. Poor girls. Hoping they’re back to their spunky selves soon. Instead of a picture of them looking tired and forlorn, here are some succulents: Last night was gloriously […]

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POPSUGAR Shout Out: Watch Kim Kardashian's Hilarious T-Mobile Commercial

The Best Indoor Workouts For When It's Freezing Outside

Too cold outside? Our friends at Self have your indoor workout covered.

What happens on a snow day has changed a bit. Instead of sledding down the neighborhood hill, you'll be spending your day sleeping in and finally reading the novel that's been sitting on your nightstand for months (that is after you finish shoveling). While you may be stuck indoors, you can still get that fitness "high" you feel after a tough workout. Here are three fresh ways to up your fitness game today:

Move It: Martial arts movements infused with high-intensity training equals a killer bodyweight routine you can do anywhere.

Stream It: Tired of your workout DVD collection and don't have a living room suitable for kettlebell swings? These online fitness hubs have fresh routines (from power yoga flows to strength training) that you can stream now.

Feel It: The snow day swap for marathon training is marathon Netflix watching. Check out these six inspiring running documentaries that will get your heart anticipation for your next run.


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Contest Poll: 2015 Primal Blueprint Workout Videos

It’s time for you to decide another winner! At the start of this 21-Day Challenge I put out a call for Primal Blueprint Workout Videos. And you responded with 8 top-notch clips. Boiling the submissions down to the top videos for this poll was no easy task. My crew and I discussed at length what […]

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Close Your Kitchen After Dinner

If your New Year's resolution to lose weight isn't panning out, take a look at your evening-snacking habits. Nighttime noshing often means munching hundreds of junk-food calories while catching up on episodes of Homeland or Game of Thrones. Julie Upton, MS, RD, of Appetite For Health says to try closing your kitchen after dinner and allow yourself only water or tea after you've finished your last meal, which should be at least two hours before bedtime. Making late-night snacking not even an option will prevent having "just one bite" from turning into a second supper.

If you find that you're truly hungry after dinner, make sure your day includes three meals and one to two 150-calorie snacks. Every time you eat, include protein, fiber, and healthy fats to keep you full, as well as carbs to sustain your energy. Fueling all day will keep hunger away after dinner.

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This Sweet Smoothie Is the Perfect Prerun Breakfast

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

50-Calorie Mini Vegan Chocolate Sunbutter Cups

33 Ways Your Healthy Day Didn't Go as Planned

The first step out the door is the hardest, right? Well sometimes all the steps afterward can make staying on the healthy path impossible. Like spilling your kale, kiwi, banana smoothie on the floor. Keep reading to see more #fails - have these happened to you?

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Stir the Pot, Not a Relationship: How Cooking Together Is a Healthy Date

Cooking will not only help your waistline, but it can also help your relationship. Doing an activity with your partner can help you both feel more connected and much happier. And cooking has added bonuses for its health, convenience, and joyful qualities. Here are the five benefits of showing power in numbers when in the kitchen.

  1. Spend time, not money: A lot of arguments in relationships can stem from personal finances. Not only is cooking at home a cheaper alternative to dining out, but it's also a way to spend quality time with one another. Sure, it might be quicker to have one person cook and the other clean, but when you cook together you have more time to connect and interact.

  2. Stay present: When you do active things together such as cooking, you feel connected to your other half, which can help strengthen your bond. Activities like watching TV don't always feel like quality time since it's more difficult to be present or have a discussion. Try to set aside one or two days a week where you can alternate teaching each other recipes and going through the process together.

  3. Healthy life, happy wife: Have you noticed that when you exercise and eat healthy you are happier and less stressed? The same can go with cooking healthy meals side by side. Couples are more affectionate when they feel confident in themselves, and getting healthier will do just that. You'll be even happier with your partner for helping you cook a healthy dish and sharing this healthy lifestyle together.

  4. Learn and love: Learning each other's favorite foods and likes in the kitchen is exciting. You can teach your partner different methods and techniques based on your particular skills and expertise. Learning what your partner's taste preferences are also shows special attention to their needs and will counterbalance feelings of neglect. Just remember to relax in the kitchen and don't fret over perfecting the dish; this activity is meant to be fun.

  5. Pay it forward: Doing something nice like setting time aside to prepare a meal with your partner makes them want to reciprocate the action and do caring things for you. The more energy you put into meeting their needs, the more you will see it circle back. This creates a cycle of good deeds in your relationship and in turn a new you.

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8 Dietitian-Approved Snacks For Your Super Bowl Party

Looking for the perfect Super Bowl party snacks, but worried about the guilt that follows? Thankfully, dietitian Julie Upton, MS, RD, of Appetite For Health, is here to offer eight different guilt-free snack ideas that will help you score major points with your friends and family this weekend.

Will you be tuning in to watch Super Bowl XLIX as the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks for the title of world champions? If so, you'll want to avoid racking up too many (nutrition) penalties from typical football foods like chips and dip, wings, pizza, and beer. These football faves can easily pile on more than 2,500 calories - more than you need in an entire day! - and leave you feeling like a 300-pound NFL lineman.

Below are eight of my favorite Super Bowl bites that will be part of my game-day menu:

  1. Fresh veggies: I always serve a large tray of veggies with healthy dips during the game to help fill me up, not out. Most veggies have fewer than 50 calories a cup compared to 150 calories in regular potato chips. Baby carrots, celery, cherry or grape tomatoes, broccoli, jicama, and bell peppers are some of my faves.

  2. Better chips: It's not game day without crunchy nibbles, so I buy better munchies that have fiber and protein. To shave about 30 calories per ounce (15-20 chips), opt for baked instead of fried. For a tortilla chip, I like lentil- or bean-based options or Lundberg Multigrain chips because they provide some fiber and protein compared to other chips; for pita chips, look for one made with whole grains.

  3. Skinny dips: Most cheese- or sour-cream-based dips will blow your calorie budget and pile on a lot of unhealthy saturated fat. I serve black bean dip and hummus, which provide protein and fiber and keep saturated fat low. For example, Sabra Classic Hummus has just 35 calories and less than a gram of saturated fat per tablespoon compared to nearly two grams of saturated fat in a tablespoon of regular sour cream. I also use hummus for a stand-in for mayo on sandwiches and when making deviled eggs.

  4. Holy guacamole!: This year, Americans will devour a record number of fresh avocados - 240 million - during Super Bowl week. That's fine by me, as I'll be enjoying plenty of guacamole too. A tablespoon of guacamole has about 30 calories and 2.5 grams of fat, most of which is beneficial monounsaturated fats. To make, here is my favorite guac recipe.

  5. Buffalo-style "wings": According to the National Chicken Council, Americans eat more than 1.25 billion wings while watching the big game - that's enough wings to cover the distance from Seattle to Foxborough, MA, nearly 28 times. Since the average fried wing with ranch or blue cheese dressing will set you back about 125 calories, I save hundreds of calories by making grilled or broiled "buffalo-chicken strips" by coating strips of boneless skinless chicken breast in a hot buffalo sauce then baking or grilling the chicken.

  6. Salad pizza: It won't be game day without pizza, but did you know that just two slices from some delivery chains set you back nearly 600 calories? I make my own lighter pizzas with a store-bought whole-wheat crust that I bake with fresh mozzarella, red onion, and olives. Once baked, I top it with a fresh arugula salad.

  7. All-star sips: One thing I try to live by is limiting liquid calories, because research shows that you don't compensate for beverage calories by eating less food. Since alcohol stimulates appetite, I try to steer clear. Come game day, I'll be drinking fruit-infused sparkling water.

  8. One-bite desserts: For a sweet finisher, I look for dark-chocolate-covered almonds and one-bite brownies and cookies. Not necessarily guilt-free, but better than many typical choices.

Game on!

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Cheap Supplies Every Newbie Chef Will Need to #MakeYourMove to Healthy Eating

Rubber spatula!

What kind of supplies will make cooking much easier for a kitchen newbie? Check out my cheap suggestions for utensils to make your cooking a breeze!

The post Cheap Supplies Every Newbie Chef Will Need to #MakeYourMove to Healthy Eating appeared first on A Black Girl's Guide To Weight Loss.

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Why You Should Drink Coffee Before Your Workout

Trust Us, You'll Want to See How High This Football Player Can Box Jump

While most CrossFit enthusiasts hope to someday graduate to the 24-inch box jump, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt has been busy jumping nearly five feet. Seriously! Measuring in at a whopping 6 feet, 5 inches tall, the Wisconsin-born NFL player stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his family and grocery bills, and . . . oh yeah, box jump over two fully grown men. You need to see his crazy stunt to believe it, so give this clip a watch. If it inspires you to work on your own box jump skills, be sure to work your way up safely - after all, not all of us have Watt's Superman-level strength and agility!

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This Chocolate and Cherry Oatmeal Cooks Itself Overnight

40 Day Fat Loss Challenge

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Contest Poll: 2015 Primal Blueprint Recipe Videos

A couple weeks back I asked you to film and share your favorite Primal Blueprint recipes for a chance to $1500 in gift certificates to US Wellness Meats. We’ve got some great entries this year, from liquid bone and lamb burger handrolls, to baked lamb shanks and paleo chili. Many thanks to everyone that submitted […]

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It's Time to Stop Cheating on Your Health

Dietitian Julie Upton, MS, RD, of Appetite For Health puts it best: "You wouldn't cheat on your partner, and you don't cheat on tests, so why would you cheat on something as important as your diet?" Today, there's no cheating. Instead, your mission is to make time to move and eat clean.

When you feel overwhelmed by work, family, or a busy social calendar, it's too easy to skip out on the gym. Learn to plan workouts in advance, so you don't cheat on your healthy goals. And if you're not sure what constitutes a clean and healthy diet, read through the clean-eating rules we swear by. If your regular diet is filled with processed foods, you'll feel a difference after just one day of natural, good-for-you foods.

Pin or print this reminder, and then get more nutrition coaching, workouts, and meal plans at our Get Fit 2015 page.

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POPSUGAR Shout Out: Ellie Goulding Shows Off Her Fit Bod in New Ads For Nike

Monday, January 26, 2015

Meal Prep: Quick Trick for Crispy Oven-Fried Chicken Thighs


My trick for over-frying chicken, without breading or using a batter!

The post Meal Prep: Quick Trick for Crispy Oven-Fried Chicken Thighs appeared first on A Black Girl's Guide To Weight Loss.

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Sneak in Exercise Every Day With 5 Helpful Hacks

Even if you don't have tons of time to dedicate to a long workout, short rounds of exercise can add up over the course of a day. Here are five hacks for sneaking in extra exercise at home and the office.

  1. Don't (just) wait: In line for the bus or waiting to pick up your lunch? Don't let that time go to waste! I've seen people make big moves with arm circles, but for a little more subtlety, tone up your legs with calf raises.

  2. Always go for the stairs: Instead of mindlessly hopping on the escalator or elevator, take the stairs whenever possible. It might seem small, but climbing stairs helps get your heart rate up and burns major calories - you might not realize that just three minutes burns over 200!

  3. Bathroom break yoga: Whenever you've stepped away from your desk for a quick trip to the restroom, move through a few yoga poses before sitting back down. Find a safe spot to try a few of these energizing yoga poses that make the most sense for your work attire.

  4. Take a commercial break: The next time you're unwinding by the TV, make a boring commercial break much more productive by incorporating exercise. This quick bodyweight workout is timed perfectly, so you won't miss one bit of your favorite show.

  5. Sweat before the shower: Right before you get cleaned up is the perfect time to sneak in a short sweat session. Let these effective 10-minute workouts lead the way so you make the most of your precious time.

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Ellie Goulding's New Nike Campaign Celebrates Being Fit, Not Skinny

Is it just us, or is Ellie Goulding totally killing the fitness game lately? First she took over a Barry's Bootcamp class to give members an unforgettable workout, and now she's partnering with Nike in a beautiful campaign that celebrates women's fitness. Called "A Melody of Movement," Goulding's work with the athletics brand ranges from designing a 15-minute Nike+ Training Club exercise routine to modeling workout clothes in beautiful shots taken around the UK.

"I feel quite proud to be an ambassador for women who realize that being fit is better than being skinny," says Goulding, who has run five half marathons since she began running in her late teenage years. "I like the fact that I can be that role model. I still think there's a little bit of work to do with promoting fit, not thin. But it's getting there." The performer, whose daily fitness regimen allows for seriously impressive performance stunts during her sold-out concert tours, compares the rush of a good workout to the feeling she gets while performing in front of a crowd.

While you might think Goulding's workout secret is something only superfit celebrities know, the trick is variation. "I think having a yin and yang with exercise is the important thing for me. I love to do high-intensity training, but I also love to take it easy. I say take it easy, but doing yoga is not easy," the pop star shares of her fitness routine. "Doing something different every day keeps things fresh, exciting, and interesting." Check out more of her fitness wisdom in the video below, then see some of our favorite shots from the campaign.

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Differences Between Working Out in Your 20s vs. Your 30s

When you hit the 30-year mark, it not only means more candles on your birthday cake than someone in their 20s, but it majorly affects your workouts as well. Give a little nod or chuckle (or shed a little tear) if you can relate to these.

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Canyon Ranch Lenox: the food!

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a great Monday! So happy that you’re stoked about this year’s Winter Shape Up! Don’t forget to check out the week 1 fitness and meal plans (and enter the giveaways on those pages!). I’m back in San Diego after an incredible adventure at Canyon Ranch in Lenox. I was invited […]

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What a Day on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Detox Diet Looks Like

Goop is good for a lot of things: dreaming, workout inspiration, and a whole lot of giggles (mostly related to sky-high prices and unrealistic suggestions about lifestyle). When Gwyneth Paltrow's site released its annual Detox Diet plan, one blogger decided to participate. At an expense of more than $70 and an entire day's worth of time, Beth Hoyt tried four of the suggested detox dishes: chia seed pudding, roasted kabocha soup, "kale in comparison" juice, and grilled zucchini socca tacos. Watch her expensive, exhausting journey and decide for yourself how you feel about the Goop Detox Diet - we're leaning toward ridiculous.

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This Personal Trainer's Impressive Pull-Up Routine Left Ellen Speechless

Let's be real: many of us struggle to do a single pull-up, let alone an entire set. Marisa Inda, an Instagram-famous personal trainer with a body that puts most professional athletes to shame, has an entire pull-up dance routine. No, we're not kidding. When the mom and fitness maven appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform her unbelievably difficult routine, the host was left speechless. Watch the dance and try to wrap your head around the fact that this is totally authentic . . . no invisible stairs or assistance required.

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Here's How to Ensure Portions Stay in Check

Here's a trick you can use to ensure you don't overeat: use a muffin tin to make a lot more than baked goods. According to Julie Upton, RD, of Appetite For Health, using a standard muffin tin when making meatloaf, pasta, egg dishes, casseroles, side dishes, and desserts can help keep your portions in check and cut cooking time. Plus, you can make your meals ahead of time so you don't opt for something quick and unhealthy when you're hungry. Try it yourself: these muffin-tin recipes from Julie are perfectly portioned for weight-loss success.

Pin or print this reminder, and then get more nutrition coaching, workouts, and meal plans at our Get Fit 2015 page.

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How to Get Slim When "Fat Genes" Run in Your Family

Dear Mark: More of Your 21-Day Challenge Questions Answered

Today, I’m doing another batch of 21-Day Challenge questions pulled from the ones you asked me two weeks ago. I managed to make it onto the third page of comments. I’d hoped to get through all of them, but with over 200 questions asked, the task proved insurmountable! Since they were by and large really […]

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Winter Shape Up 2015 Intro Post

Hi friends! Happy Monday, and happy WSU! Welcome to Winter Shape Up 2015: a perfect chance to revamp your fitness routine, thrive from healthy eats, and revitalize your love for healthy living. Whether you’re looking to achieve a fitness, fat loss, lifestyle, or energy goal, hopefully this plan will provide you with steps, ideas and […]

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The Sweet Treat That Can Keep You Cold-Free

If you always keep honey on hand at home, it might be time to revamp your habit and go raw. Raw honey isn't filtered, strained, or heated above natural hive temperatures, a process used in conventional honey production that can destroy the beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants. Here are three reasons to pick up a fresh jar.

Boosts immunity: The phytonutrients in raw honey have antibacterial and antiviral properties that can boost your immune system and fight off bugs. Regularly stirring some in a cup of hot tea or squeezing some on your breakfast oatmeal can help keep your body feeling strong all Winter long.

Heal boo-boos: You might be surprised to learn that raw honey has antibacterial and wound-healing properties. Applying a thin layer to a minor wound or burn can help it heal with less scabbing or scarring.

Calms coughs: Skip the medicine cabinet, and open up your pantry. Studies have shown that honey is just as effective as suppressing cough symptoms as over-the-counter medication. The next time you can't kick a cough, sip on hot water, lemon, and a little raw honey, so you can get relief sooner.

When shopping for raw honey, buy organic; you'll be getting honey that is harvested with care in isolated, untouched areas filled with wildflowers. Also, keep in mind that children under the age of 1 should not consume raw honey since there is a risk of infant botulism.

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Save Some Serious Dough by Making These thinkThin Bars at Home

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Use Mind Games to Conquer Cravings

Finding that you're reaching for things to nosh on, not because you're actually hungry, but because you're bored? Whether it's something salty and crunchy or sweet and creamy, Julie Upton, MS, RD, of Appetite For Health recommends having three go-to distracters for whenever a craving strikes, so you can get your mind off food and on something else. Have a great book at the ready on your ereader, have your iPod handy with your favorite songs, or take a peek at your favorite online shopping site. If you can distract yourself for 10 minutes, the craving often passes.

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Do You Skip Doctor's Appointments When You're Healthy?

For women in their 20s and 30s, going to the doctor for a routine checkup can seem like something that's safe to skip. Routine physicals, Pap smears, and dental tests are essential for helping you stay healthier in the long run - but when schedules fill up or you can't afford the cost of routine checkups, it's understandable if taking the time and spending the money to go to the doctor takes a lower spot on your priority list.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sun-Dried Stuffed Chicken Breast (Plus a Contest)

This week’s recipe is pulled straight from the pages of The Paleo Primer: A Jump-Start Guide to Losing Body Fat and Living Primally!, written by British health and fitness consultants Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore. These folks, who run a popular fitness and wellness center called Fitter London, have produced a book that is half […]

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Why You Should Consider Skipping Booze This Weekend

It's so easy to chat it up with friends while sipping on a fruity cocktail, and the next thing you know, you've sucked down 400 calories in under 10 minutes. Consuming too many liquid calories is one reason your pants feel a little snug, and alcohol is considered one of the worst diet wreckers. Not only is it high in empty calories, but it also stimulates your appetite, weakens your willpower, and lights up areas of your brain that make high-calorie foods seem more irresistible.

If weight loss is on your mind, limit drinking alcohol to one to two drinks on the weekend or forgo it altogether. Go for these low-cal cocktails, or if you're more into kicking back a brewski, here's a list showing the beers with the fewest calories. With every alcoholic drink, order a tall glass of water to go with it. Alternate sips between the two glasses, making sure to finish at least 12 ounces of H2O for every cocktail.

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