Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Compression with CopperJoint

This post is sponsored by CopperJoint.

 Since I’m moving and grooving again in the exercise world, I’ve been enjoying all of the benefits that come along with it:

Endorphins! I just want to run around high-fiving people 

SWEAT! Does anyone else love to sweat? I had missed it so much, and I rejoice every time I teach Spin and look like I jumped in a pool with my clothes on

I sleep better at night because I’ve used some energy during the day

I feel stronger and more energized

Edit6 With all of these benefits, I’ve also noticed that my knee has been talking to me a little. It’s not in a painful way, but in a “Hey, you’re using me a lot right now after you’ve ignored me for so long” kinda way. Since I do a lot of exercises that involve repetitive movement and flexion at the knee joint (especially though Spin, barre and Orangetheory), I’ve needed to up my recovery game to prevent overuse injuries.


Some of the things that have helped:

-Making sure to stretch often, and foam roll occasionally 

-Drinking tart cherry juice! When I drink it consistently, it has helped decrease recovery time

and COMPRESSION, which has helped considerably, especially with my knee that’s been talking to me.   


Compression is something I never really got into during my intense running days, because I didn’t find a method that worked well for me. I found out about CopperJoint, and have been really excited to add it into my recovery game. It’s one of the tools you can use without affecting your workout or comfort. 

Here’s a little bit about CopperJoint:

-Copper provides joint compression sleeves, which can help provide support during and after activities. Compression can help relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness, reduce muscular repair time, and return oxygen to working muscles.

-The sleeves are infused with 88% copper nylon, which is the highest percent copper percentage in the market. The copper provides antimicrobial function, which is helpful for sweaty workouts! Here are all of the products they offer.

-They’re thin and lightweight, providing full range of motion through a joint. This is why I usually don’t recommend wrapping muscles during activity, as it can hinder range of motion and affect movement patterns. The Copper Joint sleeves provide support while allowing you to move freely.


-UPF 50+ protection, which is awesome for outdoor workouts

-The moisture-wicking material means you can wear the sleeves longer or overnight without extra irritation from moisture.

I’ve worn the sleeves in two spots: on my knee, and on my calves, which get pretty sore after teaching barre. I’ve noticed a huge difference in recovery and pain; my nagging knee was no longer angry after a couple of weeks of wearing them.


You can check out their line of products here! My friends at CopperJoint offered a 20% discount to the first 50 readers to use the code FITNESSISTA20 here.

Do you use compression? What’s your favorite way to recover from a tough workout?

Have a great day <3



This post is sponsored by CopperJoint. Thank you so much for supporting this blog and our amazing sponsors. 

Photos by Arielle Levy.

Location: Point Loma Sports Club

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