Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We're More Than OK With the #MermaidThighs Trend http://ift.tt/2aZLdCp

Raise your hand if you're so ready for the thigh gap thing to be over. The idea that our bodies have to look a certain way to be attractive is so beyond passé, right?

Terms like "thigh gap," "muffin top," "spare tire," and "saddlebags" are terms that have the ability to generate shame, self-consciousness, and a bad relationship with your sense of self. But you know what phrase doesn't create those feelings? Mermaid thighs.

That's right - #mermaidthighs. It's probably the best body-positive term we've seen on social media lately, and although the message is pretty much the same on a lot of these memes, we love each and every iteration of its self-loving, mermaid-celebrating ways.

from POPSUGAR Fitness http://ift.tt/2bpArTT

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