Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Total body + Tabata Workout

Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Thank you so much to all of you who have submitted applications for the part-time position. I added a little update to what the position’s tasks, but they will vary on a weekly basis depending on what’s going on. I will be so thankful to have an extra set of hands with the behind-the-scenes tasks, especially for days like yesterday when I have a babysitter for a few hours, and my dentist appointment ends up taking up the entire block of time. Cool, bro.

I taught a sweaty Spin class,

Spin it to win it

and we had an awesome Lemon-Thyme Chicken dinner from the Fed and Fit cookbook. I picked this up last week and I’m so excited to try out some new dinner recipes! While I feel like I could (and usually do) eat the same 5 things for breakfast and lunch each day, I have to switch it up for dinners for the sake of the fam. I’m always looking for new ideas, unless I can make it a Blue Apron week haha. 

Fed and fit

(I LOVE her red dress on the cover. So gorgeous)

This morning, I’m sharing a workout that I originally created as part of Summer Shape Up. It combines one of my favorite strategies for building lean muscle and burning calories quickly. I also think these types of workouts are the most fun: you’re always moving, sweaty, and it’s over before you know it. You can use the weights portion as a bit of *recovery* before jumping back into the Tabata blasts.

Something to keep in mind: Tabata workouts are an advanced form of training. If you’re beginning your fitness journey or just getting back in the swing of things, you can do 4 minutes of brisk walking or jogging instead. It will still elevate your heart rate in between sets.

Total body tabata blast

Here’s the workout if you’d like to give it a try! Pin it for the next time you need a little gym inspiration. 

Combine compound strength exercises with calorie-torching Tabata intervals for an effective and sweaty workout! Pin this for the next time you need gym inspiration :)

Combine compound strength exercises with calorie-torching Tabata intervals for an effective and sweaty workout! Pin this for the next time you need gym inspiration 🙂

Tabata workout

Form cues:

Curl to press: challenge yourself with the weights! Make sure to keep your chest lifted and exhale as you press the weights overhead. Keep your weight in your heels as you squat, and think about sinking your booty down and back. 

Curtsy lunge to side lift: as you exhale, lift the back leg out to the side. Really think about squeezing your glutes to lift your leg. Make sure that you take a nice big step back and to the side for your curtsy lunge. 

Row to triceps extension: squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep your elbows close to your torso. Keep your back flat, and exhale as you press the weights back. As you press the weights back, think about really squeezing your triceps to lift your arms.

Reverse lunge to front kick: use your core to lift your leg and flex your foot to press it away from you. Keep your chest lifted and torso upright as you lunge. Finish on one side before switching to the other side.

For the Tabata intervals, feel free to remove the jump from any of these exercises for a low-impact variation. If you are a beginner or if you’re pregnant, skip the Tabatas. Complete 4 minutes of power walking instead.  

Have an amazing morning!

What’s your favorite exercise to get your heart rate up? How often do you interval train in your routine? Any awesome dinner recipes lately??



PS New post up on PBB here about supplements to take daily!

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